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In the news

We Purchased Brunner Trim & Glass

Maupin Metal, a Dallas TX Hot Rod Shop purchased the 48-year old Brunner Trim and Glass building and acquired their experienced staff of auto Upholsterers 

My Dream Car on Fox Season 2

We completed filming of the final back in September 2022 with a May 16th, 2023 for Episode 4 in Season 2.  Click below to see more

Front Cover of a Magazine

Get the back-story on how Maupin Metal was created and grew quickly into a worldwide one-of-a-kind Hot Rod Shop

New Body Shop Opened Feb '24

We built a 2nd shop next to the existing one so we can grow our Metalwork, bodywork, and painting of classic cars right here on our own property

Our Team

Kaelee Fay

Employee of the Month: April 2024

Hunter Standley

Manager: Mechanical & Electrical

Adrian Vega

Manager: Metal, Body & Paint

Kaelee Fay

Operations  Manager

Sarah Maupin


Brian Maupin

CEO / Founder

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Hats, Shirts, Beanies, and Bags


Pricing Tiers

Contracted Builds Starting at $25,000

BYOB  Bring your own Baby

Already own a Classic Car?  Let's get it going!  Bring her over.

For as little as $25,000, we will strip your car down and build her back up.  For a more thorough frame-off restoration of your own Supernatural Replica expect a budget around $50k+ whereas $25k is our minimum contract to be entered onto our wait list.  Anything < $25k or < 60 days of work does not need to be a full restoration contract or delayed by a waitlist.

Buy & Build for $55-85k

These Supernatural '67 Impala Hardtops are rare, but we try to have 1 or 2 for sale.  *Only available for those who build with us.

A "frame-off restoration" means we media blast the chassis, body, everything, inside and out.  The body is put up on a rotisserie and all metal is repaired properly before we begin the restoration.

 Dean's big block Baby for $85k on up

Are you Dean enough to handle the Big Block version of Baby? We will build your "Hero 1" Replica of the famous Supernatural Impala with Hotchkis Suspension, weapons box, big block, and more.

Pricing is representative of the type of budget required to buy a big block

Impala and do a high-end build with a cut and buffed deep gloss paint, modern high performance upgrades, and Supernatural screen-accurate options. Ultimately, it's YOUR car and budget. We build the best we can within your budget and your priority. On average, a Big Block Hero1 can be built for $75k-$105k. Big swings in price in your control over choices in paint, brakes, suspension, audio, luxury and high performance. We welcome custom work to make your Baby YOURS. Our best quality is comparable to other shops' serious 6-figure restorations at a fraction of the price.


"Brian and his crew at Maupin Metal are class acts. Brian resolved all my initial concerns about shipping my Blue Baby and money 2000 miles to someone I’d never met. We communicated frequently throughout the process and I quickly realized he truly had my best interest in mind. Every decision was carefully explained with pros and cons and I never ONCE felt uninformed or like I was being taken advantage of. The group of professionals Brian employs are the best at what they do, as I saw first hand when I visited the shop to see my finished car.  Brian and his crew are forever in my extended family. I would thoroughly recommend Maupin Metal to ANYONE interested in having work done on a classic. They really do build the vehicles as if they were building their own.  You will be in great hands.  

-Dan & Kristin Tabak


"We came out of this experience with Brian and his team SO happy. Our 1966 Mustang needed a lot of love when it went to him for body and paint work, and it came out so great. It looks beautiful, like a totally different car now. And Brian was very communicative and gave us regular updates, especially since we’re halfway across the country from him, asked questions where he needed to, even got in touch with the Mustang expert who did a lot of mechanical work on the car to make sure things were getting done right. If we ever got another project car, I would have zero doubts about shipping it out to Brian too."

— Marcus & Megan Woodard


Honest and hardworking. Maupin Metal took my “rust bucket” and turned it into a bright red lean, mean driving machine."

— Sharon Eiben


"Can’t say enough about this team of guys at Maupin Metal and the work they do! If you have a classic that needs love, this is the place to go hands down! They went above and beyond to ensure she was safe for me to drive until the next phase of work. They care about what they do and take pride in it!"

— Dana Bounds


"Picked up my Baby from Maupin Metal. Very happy with the outcome! Just wanted to say thanks for all the all the hard work that was put into my build. The quality is definitely there. I’ve been driving her around and enjoying her today. Everyone loves seeing it and I’ve been getting thumbs up all day! I never thought I would own something so nice!"

— Bryan Blair

"Brian at Maupin Metal is THE REAL DEAL. Not only is his knowledge immense, but his work is impeccable. In this day and age it can be very hard to find someone you can trust to work on your vehicle, but Brian is trustworthy and talented. I recommend him to EVERYONE. Couldn't ask to work with a kinder person, either. If you have a car you need restored, don't risk it with anyone else, take it to Maupin Metal. Trust me."

— Cassie Crow


"Unless you're a car guru and plan on doing all the work yourself, I would HIGHLY recommend going with a build through Brian. These builds can get extremely expensive and go beyond your budget fast unless you have the right person. TRUST ME. Brian knows what these builds need, he knows what he is doing, and he will stay on budget."

— Justin Stevens


"Brian is awesome! After visiting, I could tell he put his heart and soul into making the 67 Impala run and look and feel like the show. After purchasing the car, I requested a few upgrades that Brian was happy to do. He got it repainted for me, installed efi, and tuned the engine! I don’t think I've ever gotten behind the wheel of a more perfectly turned car! Brian has been like a best friend in helping me store and care for the car since I am far away. Brian is simply the best - he will address every detail and more! I highly recommend Maupin Metal! I haven’t seen anything that compares to Maupin Metal’s attention to detail and precision"

— Nicolas & Roberta Helgeson



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